Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch is due to for an upgrade, and the new version will allegedly come in two different sizes. A set of recently leaked images shows what the two sizes will look like. 

New Moto 360s compared with the original Moto 360 of last year.

The leaked image shows what seems to be a smaller Moto 360 2 set against the original Moto 360 for comparison. HelloMotoHK has called the smaller watch “Moto360S” – as the rumored watches are thought to be called the ‘Moto 360 Small’ and ‘Moto 360 Large’. 

Moto 360s
But keep in mind none of the current names or codenames have been confirmed by Motorola.

New Moto 360 with Gold casing and Cognac strap.
This shot allegedly come from around Chicago, where Motorola has its US headquarters. So these may be Motorola employees testing the smartwatch.
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