Since the launch of the FUEL OS in April this year, CREO has been on a mission to constantly innovate and create a better software experience for its users.  The promise of a New Phone Every Month has been met so far by the troupe and continues with the third update since the launch.

Sai Srinivas, CEO & Co-Founder, CREO, said “A smartphone is a very personal device and with a lot of private content. Be it in apps or gallery. Fueled by the votes from the Fuel OS Community, 66.7% of the members said that they would use Pro-Privacy features that allowed them to lock apps and hide photos and videos. The July Update to Fuel OS is designed to give to Fuel OS users, privacy with the toggle of a button.”

The latest update is targeted at letting the FUEL OS user reclaim privacy on his/her smartphone.  The company aims at ensuring this by offering a deep integrated ‘Privacy’ Setting that allows users to lock Apps and Hide photos and videos in a secret hidden folder.

Lock Apps: Safely locks your apps with a PIN or a Password

QS_Privi Mode On

The user can employ a pattern or a PIN to lock and unlock applications.  When a user has to pass on the phone to someone, all they necessitate to do is to simply toggle on the ‘App locking’ mode from the notification shade.  This prevents others from accessing any locked app on the user’s telephone.

Hidden Media: Hide from your gallery what’s private


The user can securely move personal/private images and videos to ‘Hidden Files’, in parliamentary procedure to remove them from the gallery and keep them hidden and discreet. Once moved, the files/ data will not be viewable through any file or media manager app.  The user can see these from the ‘hidden files’ folder which is protected by a lock PIN / Password, known only to the phone owner.


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