Based on Android 7.0 Nougat, EMUI 5.0 is in-line with Huawei Honor’s consumer-centric approach to bring a flawless and smooth experience in its devices with its well-crafted and intricately curated design.  The simplified user interface ensures easier switching between user spaces with a single signature, instant data transfer, and faster file sharing capabilities.

Hardware specifications play a crucial part in determining the performance of a device.  Although the RAM plays a critical part in increasing the horsepower of the processor, it also boils down to how well the software manages and allocates those resources for a better mobile experience.  The EMUI 5.0 provides optimal resource allocation based on the user’s usage habits and therefore helps your phone remain faster and smoother for longer durations.  Based on next-level machine learning mechanisms, EMUI 5 allocates resources dynamically to provide more CPU and memory for applications that are applied on a regular basis.

“We often hear users complaining about the lag and boring experience that is experienced in Android devices post prologue usage. The new EMUI 5.0, is more efficient, secure, and user friendly. It “significantly cuts down on the number of steps needed to achieve the desired function,” said a Huawei RnD spokesperson. He further added “The user can now reach 90% of the core functions in just two to three clicks. Additionally, users can jump between their professional and personal lives effortlessly with profiles now being able to run in parallel – no switching of phones necessary.”

EMUI conceptualization was also confirmed at the Huawei’s Bangalore RnD center, thus EMUI 5.0 reinforces multiple Indian customizations such as languages, themes and calendar.  The EMUI continues to support Huawei’s proprietary SOS feature that can be sparked off in an emergency situation by pressing user defined buttons.  The India Calendar is integrated into the default Calendar app and provides significant value addition, by providing details of important timings in both these religions on a day by day basis.


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