This time Google teaming up with Lava for it’s new android One series. According to Economic Times Post Google will launch a new Android One smartphone on 14th of July. Google teamed up with Lava to increase their Android one presence online as well as on retail shops.

The predecessor of current Android One were not became too successful because of their non availability at shops and of their performance. Google is working closely with Lava to make their android one best and make available their devices online as well as in shops. It will include Mediatek processors with 2GB of RAM and will come with 5 inch of display. Working closely with Lava Google may successful this time..Google’s first batch of android one were supposed to be able to reach million people who cannot high end smartphones but they were mostly sold online and rarely found on shops. That’s why teaming with Lava may work for Google this time.

Is teaming with Lava really gonna help Google to achieve it’s aim…What you guys think about it ??
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