Many users end up going through plenty of data each and every day, which translates to a portion of data usage every month.  For those who have truly unlimited data plans with no demarcation lines, this isn’t much of an issue, but not everyone has unlimited data and could end up breezing through their 4G LTE speeds rather quickly.  Applications that you use daily have a smart feature which can help you in saving data by just turning it on.



Facebook seems to be doing their part to save peoples’ data as well with a new toggle switch that has been seen inside of the Android app. Head to the right sidebar menu within the app and if you see a “use fewer data” option showing at the upside, which is where it should be located if available, then you can tap on that to enter the setting and enable the toggle switch. Likewise, this is where you would revert if you wanted to turn the toggle off as well.

The use less data option simply reduces photo size so that the app has to process less information when rendering pictures in your news feed for you to view. It’s a nifty little trick that isn’t too complex, although it’s hard to say how much data it will actually save people in the long run.

What’s App


Whatsapp uses up a heap of data with the amount of content — images and videos — downloaded through it.  You can wrench off the auto downloading of media easily to save data.  Under settings, there is a data usage menu which allows you customize the downloading when you are using up mobile data, WiFi or when you’re ‘roaming’ out of your home network.  You can also beat the option of ‘Low Data Usage’ under call settings of the same menu to save data during WhatsApp calls.



The growth and popularity of digital video notwithstanding, mobile streaming is still a great drain on the monthly data plans for most users. Especially so in a market like India – which is indisputably prepaid!  Balancing this critical user need with their penchant for mobile streaming, nexGTv – India’s biggest subscription-driven video entertainment app and mobile TV pioneer, has introduced a unique feature that empowers users to make do their data flow at will during a streaming session, minimizing its usage and substantially extending the validity of their data plans, realizing immense savings for end-users across both mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

Google Chrome


Google has their own data compression result. Unfortunately, it’s not a system-wide resolution that works for all Android apps at the moment. Instead, it’s a characteristic built into the Google Chrome app itself. This feature only works in Chrome, so you’ll only generate the benefits of data compression when browsing with Chrome.

If you’d just like to use less mobile data when browsing the web and you don’t want a system-wide solution, Chrome is a fine alternative. Open the Chrome app on your device, tap the menu button and tap Settings. Navigate to Bandwidth management > Reduce data usage and enable the Reduce data usage feature.


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.09.11 PM

YouTube users in India can now download videos overnight, within the mobile app by taking advantage of more inexpensive or discounted data packs available during late night hours or non-peak hours. The ‘Smart Offline’ feature, which was launched last week is available for users on Airtel and Telenor networks initially, while YouTube India says that it will stretch the feature with more operators eventually.

Observe that the feature works on cellular data and not on Wi-Fi networks. While viewing a video on the YouTube app, users can tap on a gray arrow button to hold open the video offline; a prompt window will appear, asking the user to select “Save overnight” using the discounted night data plan. When confirmed, the YouTube app will schedule the video to be downloaded after peak hours when data rates are cheaper or discounted.

So these are clever ways to save your data usage. You guys have something else? Let us know in the comment section down below.


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