No smartphone is perfect, and each one usually comes with its own quirks.

According to new reports coming out of Asia, the newly-unveiled Samsung Galaxy S6 and SGS6 edge handsets both suffer from a pretty grievous fault — in the form of a display error that stops them properly reading touch inputs around the bezel.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not something personal against these new flagships (we kind of dig them).

Seems like both handsets are affected by display issues near the bezels, in that they hardly register touch inputs (or handwriting / scribbling in this particular test) in the respective areas. The problem seems to be more prominent on the Samsung Galaxy S6, as a larger area of the screen appears to lack sensitivity (as you can tell from the screenshot above – SGS6 edge left / SGS6 right). Nevertheless the issue is present on the SGS6 edge too, only to a smaller degree, but either way one must wonder how these problems could affect the edge’s performance, given that the smartphone’s design encourages users to perform swipe gestures from the edge of the screen.

What makes matters worse is that, according to the source, Samsung might not be able to solve this touch issue with a software update. Reportedly this could be a hardware problem.but it’s certainly far from ideal for a company that needs to do all it can to come out fighting in this next round of the smartphone wars.

                       Compared against other handsets.

                 Results of Other devices tested with similar methods.

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