Digitimesclaims Lenovo’s budget Chromebooks will cost less than $170 (around £107).
That’s almost half the price as the latest base models – a move that will likely drag down profits for rival manufacturers who be forced to lower their prices to compete.
The report also states that the Chrome OS-powered notebooks will run off CPUs designed by Rockchip Electronics and built by ODM Bitland Information Technology, both China-based firms.
Rockchip will also apparently be responsible for integration of the supply chain for Lenovo.
Chromebooks have proved great for mobile computing since their advent; they’re low-cost, generally lightweight yet jam-packed with different features.

Lenovo unveiled its N-series Chromebooks earlier this year, with the N20 and N20P retailing at £165 and £195.

Although the firm has never been able to drop below the £150 mark, so next year’s roll-out should flourish in the budget end of the market.
Digitimes expects global shipments of Chromebooks to top six million units in 2014 and double to 12 million units in 2015, driven by orders from the likes of Acer, Asus, Samsung, HP, Lenovo and Google itself.  
If you’re shopping for a cheap laptop that still performs, then check out T3’s round-up of the best Chromebooks to buy 2014.  
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