If you own Moto X Pure 2014 edition you must be waiting for a software update. Now it’s time that you should head into settings and check for an update right now because Moto X Pure 2014 edition starts receiving Marshmallow update. The update is around 884MB and it’s not a small file. Before downloading the update make sure that you are on wifi or you have a good amount of data.
Android 6.0 will bring dozen of new features for you Moto X Pure 2014 like battery enhancement, Now on tap and many more.
Highlights of this update include-
  • S’more to love with Android 6 Marshmallow.
  • Many new enhancements including in-app assistance with Google Now on Tap, battery-smart features, new app permissions that give you even more control.
If you own a Moto X pure head over to settings and update your device. Don’t forget to tell us how Marshmallow is treating you.


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