After seeing the lot’s of leaks of HTC M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6. Now It’s time for the LG’s new flagship which is LG G4. This headset is to be announced in a next few months. According to a few leaked images from XDA we got the first look of the unreleased LG G4 which is quite awesome.
The back of the device is the first image we got with a LG’s iconic power button and volume button. I have to say that the back of panel doesn’t show much difference from the old flagship. It almost look quite similar with the old Flagship. Judging from images it’s quite tough to say that whether the back of panel is made of plastic or aluminium cause it’s brushed aluminum texture.


Although from Images the UI of Software looks quite attractive. The purported G4 software info page says the device is running Android 5.0.2 with build number LRX22G. The home screen image we show in the first image doesn’t look much different from their old flagship. This time LG does include lots of new features in this flagship(G4) like Their UI look much attractive than G3 but We haven’t got any hardware specifications right now.

Don’t forget that these are rumored images which we got from XDA developers. Could this be new flagship in LG G series? We will find out in future..

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