First Impression matters so we tried OnePlus 2 for the first time and yes it was awesome. OnePlus does it again. Don’t be mistaken by the price of OnePlus 2. It’s like beast in a box. 


When you play with OnePlus 2 it gives you the feel of stock android. New Oxygen OS built perfectly and runs smooth on OnePlus 2 and why it shouldn’t be although the new oxygen OS made for OnePlus 2. The best thing about the new Oxygen OS is more customization and more smoothness.

Talking about it’s body you will get volume button on the right and three stage slider switch on the left. The Slider switch is for adjusting notifications. The new feature about OnePlus 2 is the Fingerprint sensor which is set beneath the screen. The Fingerprint sensor button can’t be tapped like HTC M9+ but it works faster than M9+ and Apple touch ID. Setting up Fingerprint sensor on onePlus 2 is similar with iPhone 6 plus, requires multiple tap to learn your print. Oneplus claims that their Fingerprint Sensor is even faster than Apple’s touch ID. 

Oxygen OS is OnePlus own operating system and designed to work like charm on OnePlus 2. It’s based on Android but OnePlus added some tweaks such as you can move around the quick setting toggles in the notification area, gestures and many more things which you will not be able to find on stock Android.


OnePlus selected the most controversial processor Snapdragon 810 which known for it’s heating issues. Few days ago OnePlus posted on their forums that they gonna use the v2.1 of Snapdragon 810 but it seems like their marketing strategy break by HTC after HTC announces that it’s the same processor that HTC using in their M9. Although we played some HQ videos and games on OnePlus 2 but it didn’t cause a problem at all. With 4GB of RAM we didn’t experienced a single lag in doing multitasking and playing games.


OnePlus 2 Camera doesn’t changed much from OnePlus One. It comes with 13-Megapixel at back and 5-Megapixel at front with 1.3-micron sized pixels. We already posted about Camera Review of Oneplus 2 by MKBHD  and it’s camera is pretty awesome. 


OnePlus choses to stick with 1080P resolution display but it’s screen is pretty sharp and bright. They stick with 1080P resolution display to cut down the cost. We are little disappointed here by Oneplus 2 resolution. We gotta say that OnePlus 2 doesn’t have the best seen resolution.

Peoples who are disappointed with the unavailability of NFC feature we have some good news for you. POGO pins are there in OnePlus 2 so if you need NFC feature in your Oneplus 2 you can add NFC chip manually in your device.

– Fast FingerPrint Sensor
– Better Multitasking
– Customization 
– Only 1080P Screen resolution
– Unlabeled Android Keys
– Not Much Enhancement In Camera

So Our First Impressions Are Positive about OnePlus 2. If guys are planning to buy a new smartphone Oneplus 2 is out there. 

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