Hey,,……Guess What we are giving away a OnePlus invite to our readers. Just tell us why you wanna buy a flagship killer in the comment section and the best answer will win the invite for sure.

Countdown starts now…. You got 24 Hours….

T&C-Only For Indian users.
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  1. OnePlus came out of nowhere into the limelight last year with its first smartphone(Oneplus 1).
    And now The hotly anticipated OnePlus 2 phone is finally here and it's priced at an incredibly competitive price.

    My friend recently purchased this phone and I was able to get hands on experience. So I decided to purchase the phone due to the following reason:

    One of the first things I noted about the phone is its weight. The thing has some heft to it. It's not what I'd call 'heavy' but it does give the impression that there's some premium hardware packed inside.
    The back sports the same rough textured plastic, which feels more like stone than the slick plastic of other phones. It means the OnePlus 2 is extremely grippy.
    Loved the Alert Slider, which is a three-way slider button on the left edge.Its the first to be used in an Android phone.And the new addition of Fingerprint scanner which works pretty much as same as Apples and Samsung ones.

    On paper, the OnePlus 2, like its predecessor, has a 1080p 5.5-inch display. But in actual usage the display on the OnePlus 2 is far superior.
    ONE plus has upgraded it for being less reflective and less prone to fingerprint smudges. found the video playback on the OnePlus 2 to be every bit as pleasing to the eye as playback on more expensive phones.
    The 401 pixel density is perfect for a 5.5incher. It ensures less power consumption.
    Its not 2K but the 1080p looks perfect.
    The viewing angles are also extraordinary but still the colors look a little washed out (Though you can change that through software tweaking ).

    Cameras are one of the most hotly contested aspects of phones
    The highlight of the OnePlus 2 for me has to be its two cameras. The rear 13-megapixel camera with f/2.0 aperture and 1.3µm pixels do a great job.
    It has 6 physical lenses, a dual LED flash,Object Image Stabilization, and laser focus.
    But this time they switched to OmniVision sensor for extraordinary images ,in whatever be the situation.whether indoor or outdoor, during day or night the results will be superb.
    Its hopefully not better than s6 but for the price its a better value for money for sure.
    The camera app is the only thing which i don't like(u guys may).But as its software part , it shouldn't be a deal breaker.
    Even the front-facing 5-megapixel camera is perfect one. Not only does it capture a wider angle than many other selfie cameras but even the quality of photos is much better than what I have seen in many other phones.

    Software Experience.
    Even though One plus says its Oxygen OS,its surely the same as stock android over which they have overlayed Oxygen UI.
    As of i love stock experience,i truly loved the UI.Its fast,fluid and bloatware free.The thing which is newly added is The Shelf meant to be an all-purpose place where you can quickly access stuff you use all the time, like frequently used contact information, or frequently used apps.Most people would love it.
    Also the individual app permission feature will be handy for all users.
    #This time they have made it a dual sim device with two nano sim.

    As it is equipped by the heavy CPU and GPU and LPDDR4 RAM i have no comments to make. Because you guys already know its gonna handle anything with ease , no matter whatever you through at it.
    Most users are surely scared about "If it will get hot".Yes,it will surely get hot if you do some extensive gaming and all.Though it is tolerable.One normal usage it don't get heated up,but gets a lil warm.OnePlus 2 is using a revised version of the processor which solved all of the annoying stuffs in its previous version.
    #Sound quality is one of the best in this range.You can tweak it to perform much better.

  2. I would like one global invite.
    First, I am not an apple fan, would rather explore Android devices rather than the new 6S, and OPT seems a good one. One of my friends has OP one, love the design after experiencing it
    Second, I just want to support for the company from my motherland although I live in U.S. now
    Finally, really impressed by the Bamboo version back case

  3. My old phone died yesterday, I just started the university and I will be a dead man If I don't have a good phone… A one plus Two will allow me to make my work better and easier. I'm from Spain and it's so hard to get an invitation from a spanish person

  4. i think somehow the oneplus 2 is as premium as the iphone if not better……….i will definitely stand out in my friends as due to the limited pieces……….i can say hey i have 1+2 …….yeah thats ri8 i have a 1………..+2


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