Here are some apps to make the most of your new college life and a complete tech guide for a student on the move to a new city:

1.Accommodation? No more a hassle!



Moving into a new city can be a nerve racking experience especially when you don’t have any place to crash and no time to visit the place personally. Thankfully with CommonFloor, you can conduct the house search online before moving to a new city. CommonFloor estate and property search app help you search property for rent with over millions of property sellers enlisted on its app.

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  1. Moving into a new home? Try Furlenco!



Once you have settled into your new house, you might realize that you need some furniture to fill up that extra space. Furlenco, India’s first and largest online home furniture rental company makes furnishing a home quick, easy and affordable, a novel concept unheard of so far.

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  1. Your very own personal assistant is here!



Helpchat is India’s biggest personal assistant app with more than 2 million downloads. It’s like one app for all apps. It provides timely help and suggestions and reminds you about important things like recharging your phone to booking a cab, ordering food at your doorstep, shopping, finding best deals & coupons to getting personalized news.  Helpchat can get all of them done for you. You can order food using Zomato as with recent tie-up Helpchat has integrated Zomato directly into their app.

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  1. Call a genie for all your personal and household needs



Looking for a professional service provider? UrbanClap provides the simplest way to find and hire trusted professionals in the area like plumbers, electricians, chefs, etc.

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  1. Go cashless, go mobile, go instantly!



Paytm, India’s largest mobile payment and commerce platform holds great potential for students settling in a new city. You can hold funds in your Paytm wallet and also expand the scope of what you do with this money. From making utility bill payments to quick shopping, Paytm does it all.

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  1. Vroom around the city in your own vehicle!



No matter where you live, getting around town is always an expense to be factored in. As students gear up for the new academic term, they will need reliable transportation to and from college. A college student would like to obtain a vehicle that does not place him or her in poor credit status. Droom, an online marketplace for buying and selling used automobiles is the best choice for college students. With its special discounts for college students, having your own personal vehicle is no longer a dream for college students.

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Let us know what are your views about these apps.


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