Seems like this year also OnePlus wants to create the hype similar to last year but in a different fashion.  Last year OnePlus did it with cardboard VR this year OnePlus wants to raise you with plastic VR.

OnePlus called it “The Loop” and they want you to sustain in that loop. Register yourself to purchase the OnePlus VR only at Rs 1.

Carl said that I’d like to thank you all for the tremendous support and feedback you’ve given us ever since our foray into the country in December 2014. This is what makes OnePlus unique – we are deeply attached to our community and that is why, India, along with other global markets will get to witness the same awesome experience as anywhere else. As a thank you to our community, we are also giving away our next-gen Loop VR headsets at just Rs. 1.

For purchasing VR you need to register on Amazon Loop VR page. The sale will run short on 3rd June and 7th June. Thusly you will get only two chances and of course, these VR will be in limited quantity.

Click Here To Register


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