Spotify will soon provide you video content on it’s Android app. Spotify already announced it in May that it would be moving beyond music to offer video content soon. Finally, the time has come. According to reports the company been already testing the beta version of Android App in US, UK, Germany and Sweden and company has also reached the end of a journey of testing.


Spotify has nearly 75 millions of users with over 20 millions of paid users. Well according to Rajaraman who is the VP of the company the app will present video content in a sorted manner and in different categories like “News of the week” and “Laughs for launch”. Last year Spotify also partnered with BBC, Comedy Central, ESPN and MTV.

Regardless Spotify has over 20 million paid users still Spotify is not is not a profitable company yet. Spotify also doesn’t want to monetize from its new video streaming services. Let’s see how Spotify will treat everyone.

source-The Verge


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