It seems that Samsung wants to be Google of electronics. The Korean giant is already seen in every department of devices and it also wants a significant position in Smart Wearable market with its new launch of  the Gear S2.

Gear S2 is a smart watch that’s going to re define our experience of smart wearable’s  .

Gear s2 comes with a complete circular display unlike the one seen in moto 360, housed in a circular stainless steal body with replaceable bands and customizable watch face so that it can become your companion for anywhere.

Another striking feature of the  Gear s2 is its going to be released in to variants 

1- BT model
2- 3G model

the BT model is the normal version of the watch without 3g connectivity where, as the  name suggests the 3G one will have 3G connectivity as-well, depending on the variant the specifications will vary.

Talking about the specs:

Display :1.2″ fully circular sAmoled display with a resolution of 360×360 pixels that gives us the pixel density of 302ppi

Network : BT / 3G

Chipset  : BT – Exynos 3250

               3G – MSM8x26

Memory : Ram 512 MB

               ROM 4 GB

Battery : BT 250 mAh

              3G 300 mAh

Sensors : BT – Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heart rate monitor, Barometer, Ambient light sensor

               3G – BT+ GPS

Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.1 , WiFi , NFC

OS Platform : Tizen

Certifications : IP68 , this means the device is totally dust tight and can survive the effect of prolonged submersion in water under pressure.

But that’s not it, its not only built smart but also built beautiful. Samsung decided to team up with Alessandro Mendini to to give you exceptional style options. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say Samsung has built beauty with brains.

The device is not yet released but its going to come out in near future.

Apart from all the classy stuff the device supports wireless charging and with all the sensors packed inside its going to be one of the finest fitness device. Samsung has really worked hard on this device and seems to be the perfect smart watch. 

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